*SCAPE Naughty Or Nice Workshop: Krazy Katapult/Morse Code Circuit by CURIO


Ever wanted to make a personalised gift for someone you love or get a unique 'naughty' present for those you barely tolerate ;) Well, this holiday season, you can! Simply decide how you want to be naughty: (1) Personalise your ball-slinging KRAZY KATAPULT or (2) Build the all-annoying MORSE KODE!

Spreading the joy: Beyond getting in touch with your inner maker by touching wood/electronics, you're also helping a social enterprise this Christmas! Please help spread the good word to your friends, family members or someone keen in this :) Here's the quicklink: http://bit.ly/scapecurio

A. KRAZY KATAPULT | If you (or the one getting your gift) love Angry Birds, this is definitely the workshop for you. You get to assemble the wooden parts. You also learn the slingshot mechanics and basic scientific principles underlying how this medieval marvel fires. As BONUS, participants get to: (1) apply natural wood finishes or paint colours to give your Krazy Katapult a special look, and (2) create your own Naughty Target Range :) Usual Price: $60. SPECIAL OFFER: $45

This workshop is suitable for ages 7 and up! Ideal for parent-child pairs too :)

B. MORSE CODE | If you (or the one getting your gift) loves Secret Spy movies, don't tell anyone but this workshop is the one for you (hush). You get to build the simplest of circuits and then upgrade it into a secret message communication device. Learn to decode messages, or even create your own language (so that nobody would understand except you and your friend). As BONUS, you get LED lights of different bright colours. Usual price: $45. SPECIAL OFFER: $30

This workshop is suitable for ages 9 and up! Ideal for parent-child pairs too :)

You will be given a starters' kit with actual components used by real engineers:
- LED lights
- Buzzer
- Resistor
- Battery
- Breadboard
- Special CURIO illustrated manual
and more...

To help you carry on guiding your child at home, you get to bring back the kit, which comes with the illustrated manual with key theoretical concepts to prepare your child better for their Science classes or even a career in Science!

Brought to you specially by CURIO & GUILD this Season!

CURIO helps young inventors get hands-on practice in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths). Through its CURIO brand, GUILD (Ground-Up Innovation Labs for Development) curates deep hands-on learning experiences and unique maker workshops for young inventors with the core objective of building grounded innovators and advancing STREAM (Science, Tech, Reading, Engineering, Arts and Maths) to achieve inclusive sustainable development. To learn more, simply email us at support@groundupinnovation.org To stay connected, simply LIKE the following page: www.facebook.com/groundupinnovation

LATEST UPDATE: BANK TRANSFER option now available. Simply transfer amount to DBS Current 003-940747-5, and update us a screenshot of payment via WhatsApp (81451343) or email support@groundupinnovation.org

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these workshops in Naughty Or Nice are kindly subsidised by the workshop maestros and *SCAPE. These subsidised workshop fees are only available during this event.

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Dec 9 - Dec 10, 2016
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
12:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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*SCAPE Carpark, Level 1
10 Dec (Sat), 3-6pm: Full Package (1 Toy Catapult + 1 Morse Circuit) SOLD OUT $72.00
10 Dec (Sat), 3-4.30pm: 2 Toy Catapults [Double Trouble] SOLD OUT $88.00
10 Dec (Sat), 3-4.30pm: 1 Toy Catapult SOLD OUT $45.00
10 Dec (Sat), 4.30-6pm: 1 Morse Code Kit SOLD OUT $30.00
Venue Address
2 Orchard Link, Level 1 Singapore
5 min walk from Somerset MRT
CURIO: Tinkerclasses & All Hands-On Deck